Providing non-commercial, locally programmed radio to the Blue Mountain Foothills of Eastern Oregon.

Our Purpose

"If there is fog from Milton-Freewater to Walla-Walla, or snow in Athena, but blue sky in Adams, or wind sufficient to blow semi tractor-trailers off the road on Hwy 11, we will report it."

Blue Mountain Community Radio, Inc. was incorporated in May 2009 to provide non-commercial, locally programmed radio to 1) inform, 2) educate and 3) entertain listeners in the Blue Mountain foothills of Umatilla County and environs. Our additional goal is to give voice, free of charge, to all local civic, charitable, educational, public benefit and public safety organizations which seek to bring together our diverse ethnicities and/or improve the lives and livelihoods of our communities. We intend to be unremittingly local in our orientation and programming.

What Radio Programming Needs and Gaps KBLU Will Fill

"Everything we’ll offer, from bedtime stories to Celtic music to micro-climate weather has been requested by our supporters."

Our number one goal and priority is to provide local programming that fulfills local needs. Mothers tell us they’d like bedtime stories. Others have requested old-time/contemporary radio theater. BMCC teachers and students are enthusiastic about helping with both ideas. We want everyone to benefit, and if that means broadcasting how the saucer people landed in Helix, we’re ready as soon as someone writes the script.

Only one local station even mentions or supports local public events and that is only during a 1-hour morning talk show. All other stations are programmed up to 1000 miles away and are strictly commercial and have no local or public benefit content at all of any kind.

Who Will Benefit

"Organizations will share information with larger audiences than the usual breakfast meetings."

Our By-Laws

We are apolitical, non-sectarian and do not discriminate by reason of race, religion or sexual orientation, and are likewise committed to not promote any such discriminatory acts. In fact, we are in business to do just the reverse, not by preaching or advocating any political party or agenda, but by presenting information - facts and scientific studies.

Our Board of Directors

"We want a diverse board that is a reflection of our members, listeners and communities."

We are looking for potental directors who understand and value the place community radio has in our democracy, and who are sensitive to cultural, social and environmental issues and want to work to make our communities a better place to live and work.

To avoid potential demagoguery, our By-Laws prohibit Board service by current programmers or staff. Accordingly, any Directors, who might wish to be on the air after broadcasting commences will voluntarily resign and be replaced.

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