KBLU-FM 90.5 -- Playlist for 13 Oct 2019

9:00:03RDLKBLU Beginning Our Broadcast Day00:00:07
9:00:14Richard WagnerRide of the Valkyries00:02:59
9:03:17GaryID1-3 glb00:00:03
9:03:23WTechLink3-23n glbWTechLink3-23n glb00:00:21
9:03:47Stray CatsRock This Town00:03:22
9:07:13Country JoeThe Fish Cheer & I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag00:03:36
9:10:53Jefferson AirplaneVolunteers00:01:57
9:12:54Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungOhio00:02:53
9:15:50Crosby Stills Nash YoungWoodstock00:03:45
9:19:39Tommy James; Tommy James & the ShondellsCrystal Blue Persuasion00:03:55
9:23:37Little Charlie & The NightcatsThat's My Girl00:02:12
9:25:53Robben Ford & The Blue LineHe Don't Play Nothin' But The Blues00:04:29
9:30:47RDLThe Saint: General Air Spot00:00:19
9:31:09Buena Vista Social ClubEl Carretero00:03:24
9:34:37Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de SilosTui sunt caeli; Offertory (Modo IV)00:01:41
9:36:22African Tribal Music & DancesDrums of Passion00:03:22
9:39:48Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de SilosImproperium exspectavit cor meum, offertory in mode 8 for Palm Sunday00:02:30
9:42:22Rene NinforgeBruxelles Chante...No.100:02:01
9:44:26Tommy DorseyHawaiian War Chant00:03:04
9:47:34Pat LeeDomestic Violence300:00:54
9:48:32Absolutely NobodyDream00:02:33
9:51:08Bob DylanHouse of the Risin' Sun00:05:12
9:56:24Maria MuldaurMidnight at the Oasis00:03:37
10:00:05vbID2-5 vb00:00:05
10:00:13witness tree16 vb00:00:05
10:00:22Glenn MillerSunrise Serenade00:03:16
10:03:42Benny GoodmanLet's Dance00:00:41
10:04:27Benny Goodman & His OrchestraStompin' at the Savoy00:02:22
10:06:53ClannadCaide Sin Don T Sin?00:04:10
10:11:07Buck MulliganHYH 2300:03:01
10:14:12Eric Clapton5 Five Long years00:04:47
10:23:15Eric ClaptonShe's Gone00:06:48
10:30:14The VaporsTurning Japanese00:03:40
10:33:57Def LeppardRide into the Sun00:03:08
10:37:09WarWhose Cadillac Is That00:04:51
10:42:04Django ReinhardtThe World Is Waiting for the Sunrise00:02:45
10:44:53Doc WatsonHouse Of The Rising Sun00:03:14
10:48:10ClannadI Will Find You [Theme from "The Last of the Mohicans"]00:04:57
10:53:11Don CostaNever On Sunday - Don Costa, His Orchestra And Chorus - YouTube00:02:48
10:56:02Mikis TheodorakisZorba The Greek00:03:39
10:59:45dead can danceSong of Sophia00:01:09
11:01:05Les Schwab MF 3-20n glbLes Schwab MF 3-20n glb00:00:19
11:01:27Bob Wills and His Texas PlayboysCadillac in Model "A"00:01:58
11:03:29DonovanCatch the Wind00:02:50
11:06:22Hank WilliamsJambalaya (On the Bayou)00:02:49
11:09:15The Allman Brothers BandMelissa00:03:44
11:13:03Kate BushUnder Ice00:02:14
11:15:21Canned HeatOn the Road Again00:04:48
11:20:13Bob Wills and His Texas PlayboysSt. Louis Blues00:03:19
11:23:35Alison KraussChoctaw Hayride00:03:07
11:26:46Cat StevensInto White00:03:19
11:30:30the beatlesMean Mr Mustard00:01:06
11:31:39RDLThe Saint: General Air Spot00:00:19
11:32:01E.G. KightSad Sad Sunday00:04:32
11:36:37Angry String QuartetRide the Lightning00:06:00
11:42:41EaglesTequila Sunrise00:03:26
11:46:11Blind MelonNo Rain (2002 - Remastered)00:03:33
11:49:48Eddie VedderHard Sun00:05:08
11:55:00dead can danceSaltarello00:02:32
11:57:35MobyNew Dawn Fades00:02:46
12:00:25vbID4-12 vb00:00:11
12:00:40Prodigal 3-16n glbProdigal 3-16n glb00:00:15
12:00:58Elton JohnDon't Let the Sun Go Down on Me00:05:59
12:07:01The DoorsRiders on the Storm00:06:33
12:15:30Buck MulliganHYH 4a00:02:26
12:18:00Lloyd JonesAin't Nothing A Young Girl Can Do00:03:19
12:21:22The Rolling StonesSympathy for the Devil00:06:13
12:27:39Country Joe McDonaldStarship Ride00:03:01
12:31:01David Allan CoeThe Ride00:02:56
12:34:01dead can danceEnigma of the Absolute00:04:08
12:44:34Def LeppardRide into the Sun00:03:08
12:47:46Glenn MillerSunrise Serenade00:03:16
12:51:06MobyJames Bond Theme [Moby's Re-Version]00:03:20
12:54:30Bob DylanSong to Woody00:02:35
12:57:09Woody GuthrieGypsy Davy00:02:49
13:00:08GLBLaurie's Teaching Studio v200:00:44
13:00:56BachOrchestra-Suite No. 3 in D major00:07:14
13:08:14brahmsConcerto for violin & orchestra No. 1 in G minor, Op. 26: Prelude. Allegro moderato00:11:00
13:19:17brahmsConcerto for violin & orchestra No. 1 in G minor, Op. 26: Adagio00:07:55
13:27:16chopinNo.5 in F-sharp Major, Op. 15-00:03:11
13:30:31vbID1-3 vb00:00:03
13:30:37brahmsConcerto for violin & orchestra No. 1 in G minor, Op. 26: Finale. Allegro energico - Presto00:08:35
13:39:1603 Allegro_Rustic DanceAllegro_Rustic Dance - The Summer00:03:15
13:42:3509 Piano Sonata No. 9 in D major, K. 311 (K. 284c)Piano Sonata No. 9 in D major, K. 311 (K. 284c): Rondeau, Allegro00:06:09
13:48:4710 Piano Sonata No. 10 in C major, K. 330 (K. 300h)Piano Sonata No. 10 in C major, K. 330 (K. 300h): Allegro moderato00:06:00
13:54:52chopinNo. 8 in D-flat Major, Op. 27-00:05:31
14:00:23vbID2-5 vb00:00:05
14:00:31Carl MerkleProdigal Son 100:00:15
14:00:50Antonin DvorakSilent Woods (Klid), for cello & orchestra (arr. from From the Bohemian Forest, B. 133), B. 182 (Op. 68/5)00:07:00
14:07:55Antonio Vivaldi"Summer" Finale from the Four Seasons00:02:53
14:10:51beethovenAllegro assai00:03:28
14:14:22BachGavotte I und II00:03:04
14:17:30Richard WagnerThe Flying Dutchman: Overture00:11:29
14:29:03chopinNo. 1 in C major (op. 10)00:01:43
14:30:50JohnJohnID 100:00:03
14:30:57Richard WagnerRide of the Valkyries00:02:59
14:34:00debussyCe Qu'a Vu Le Vent D'ouest00:03:54
14:45:30Edvard GriegIn the Hall of the Mountain King00:02:28
14:48:01Rachmaninoff/London Symphony OrchestraPiano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18 - Allegro scherzando00:11:24
14:59:29chopinNo.16 in B flat minor: Presto00:00:59
15:00:32GaryID1-3 glb00:00:03
15:00:38GLBWe Sell Stuff 4b00:00:21
15:01:04Radio Symphony OrchestraBolero00:13:42
15:14:49Pyotr Il'yich TchaikovskyThe Swan Lake, suite, Op. 20a: Valse00:07:37
15:22:30Pyotr Il'yich TchaikovskyThe Swan Lake, suite, Op. 20a: Scene II00:08:04
15:30:38vbID3-6 vb00:00:06
15:30:47chopinNo. 9 in G flat major (op. 25)00:00:55
15:31:46Antonin DvorakSlavonic Dance No. 1 for orchestra in C major, B. 83/1 (Op. 46/1)00:04:13
15:36:03Antonin DvorakSilent Woods (Klid), for cello & orchestra (arr. from From the Bohemian Forest, B. 133), B. 182 (Op. 68/5)00:07:00
15:43:07Antonio VivaldiConcerto No. 2 in G minor RV315 Verano00:05:12
15:48:23Antonio VivaldiConcerto No. 2 in G minor RV315 Verano00:01:48
15:50:14Antonio VivaldiConcerto No. 2 in G minor RV315 Verano00:02:49
15:53:07chopinNo. 11 in A minor (op. 25)00:03:30
15:56:41chopin10 - No. 21 in C Minor, Op. posth.00:03:23
16:00:28IreneABC 3a00:00:26
16:00:58BachDouble Concerto in D minor00:06:36
16:07:37beethovenallegro con brio00:15:25
16:23:06BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 29 in B flat major ('Hammerklavier') Op. 106: Scherzo, Assai vivace00:02:41
16:25:50bach, via glen gouldSuite No. 4 in F major, BWV80900:04:21
16:30:26chopinNo. 1 in B-flat Minor, Op 9-100:05:26
16:39:1303 Piano Sonata No. 7 in C major, K. 309 (K. 284b)Piano Sonata No. 7 in C major, K. 309 (K. 284b): Rondeau, Allegretto grazioso00:06:10
16:45:27goreckiLento E Largo- Tranquillissimo00:07:57
16:53:28The Gordon HighlandersThe Liberty Bell, march for band00:04:36
16:58:08chopinNo. 10 in A flat major (op. 1000:02:02
17:00:13vbID2-5 vb00:00:05
17:00:22RDLThe Saint: Sunday Show Intro00:00:12
17:00:37The SaintNoon Deadline00:27:22
17:28:03RDLThe Saint Sunday After Show Spot00:00:10
17:28:17dead can danceAriadne00:01:50
17:30:28Peter, Paul and MaryLeaving on a Jet Plane00:02:01
17:32:33EnyaBook of Days00:02:50
17:35:26N. Parrott, Al Vache, B. Schultz, J. Fryer, J. Barnhart, J. Cocuzzi, J. Krahn, D. CootsAt Sundown00:05:44
17:41:14TrafficFreedom Rider00:05:21
17:46:39nina simoneSunday In Savannah00:03:10
17:49:52BeckBroken Train00:04:10
17:54:06Big Steve & the TrainwreckTrainwreck00:00:56
17:55:06Phoebe SnowIt Must Be Sunday00:05:42
18:00:58Carl MerkleProdigal Son 100:00:15
18:01:17Kate BushWaking The Witch00:04:07
18:05:27Bonnie RaittLove Me Like a Man00:03:05
18:08:36Paul DesmondWas a Sunny Day00:04:37
18:13:17Pink FloydThe Trial00:05:17
18:18:37Burl Ives05 The Boat and The Train?00:01:16
18:19:56Pink MartiniNever on Sunday [From Never on Sunday]00:04:44
18:24:44PJ harveyCity Of No Sun (Tokyo)00:02:12
18:26:59Louis ArmstrongWhen It's Sleepy Time Down South [Live]00:03:18
18:30:21GaryID2-5 glb00:00:05
18:30:29Sarah McLachlanAngel00:04:19
18:34:52Bonnie RaittAbout to Make Me Leave Home00:03:58
18:38:54Duke EllingtonTake the "A" Train00:05:17
18:44:15Roosevelt SykesSunny Road00:02:57
18:47:16Chet Atkins, Leo Kottke and Doc WatsonLast Steam Engine Train - YouTube00:03:34
18:50:54MobyAt Least We Tried00:03:57
18:54:55Savoy BrownSunday Night [*]00:05:15
19:00:14vbID1-3 vb00:00:03
19:00:20IreneABC 3a00:00:26
19:00:50Flogging MollyRebels of the Sacred Heart00:05:09
19:06:02Dropkick MurphysCadence to Arms Scotland The Brave00:01:37
19:07:42Strangled DarlingsHalfwit00:03:45
19:11:32Flogging MollyDrunken Lullabies00:03:45
19:15:21The VaporsTurning Japanese00:03:40
19:19:04David BowieYoung Americans00:05:03
19:24:11Simon & GarfunkelAmerica00:03:13
19:27:27The BeatlesHappiness Is a Warm Gun00:02:40
19:30:11vbID1-3 vb00:00:03
19:30:18RDLThe Saint Monday Tuesday Air Spot00:00:14
19:30:35Bob MarleyBuffalo Soldier00:04:05
19:34:44Tanita TikaramSunface00:03:45
19:38:33Bob Marley & the WailersJamming00:03:12
19:41:49Terri ClarkUnsung Hero00:04:45
19:46:38the beatlesHere Comes The Sun00:03:01
19:49:42Rahsaan Roland KirkNight Train00:04:27
19:54:14Sammy KershawFeelin' Good Train00:03:20
19:57:38The BeatlesGood Day Sunshine00:02:02
19:59:44Bobby JohnstonWe're All Immigrants00:00:42
20:00:29GaryID2-5 glb00:00:05
20:00:37GLBWe Sell Stuff 4d00:00:25
20:01:06Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandNight Moves00:05:17
20:06:27The BeatlesHere Comes the Sun00:03:01
20:09:32Joe CockerLittle Wing00:04:45
20:14:20The CranberriesOde to My Family00:04:26
20:18:50The Moody BluesYour Wildest Dreams00:04:39
20:23:33The DoorsWaiting for the Sun00:03:55
20:27:31The Glenn Miller OrchestraSunrise Serenade00:03:12
20:30:47vbID4-12 vb00:00:11
20:31:02The YardbirdsFor Your Love00:02:26
20:33:32Horse FeathersStarving Robins00:03:10
20:36:45Ben HowardAll Is Now Harmed00:04:55
20:41:44Bobby JohnstonKneller and the Happy Campers00:01:09
20:42:56buck mulliganHYH 1900:01:46
20:44:46The Beach BoysSloop John B00:02:50
20:47:40DonovanEpistle to Dippy00:03:06
20:50:49TrioDa Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha00:03:20
20:54:13TrioDa Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha [Long Version]00:06:33
21:00:49GaryID2-5 glb00:00:05
21:00:58RMSMark Warner100:00:14