KBLU-FM 90.5 -- Playlist for 30 Oct 2019

9:00:00RDLMorning Intro00:00:10
9:00:14Artie ShawSoftly, As In A Morning Sunrise00:03:14
9:03:32glbID 100:00:03
9:03:38Angus & Julia StoneOn the Road00:04:01
9:07:43Charles MingusGoodbye Pork Pie Hat00:04:41
9:12:28LifescapesThe Rowan Tree Trilogy00:06:10
9:18:42Simply RedInfidelity00:04:05
9:22:51Hank HirshA Buck and Some Change00:07:21
9:30:40Sufjan StevensDetroit, Lift Up Your Weary Head! (Rebuild! Restore! Reconsider!)00:08:14
9:38:58Jane SiberrySomething About Trains00:03:38
9:42:40Maria MuldaurGringo en Mexico00:03:06
9:45:50JewelFoolish Games00:05:05
9:50:58Panic at the DiscoThe Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage00:02:51
9:53:53Aural MethodInside Its Cloak the Ocean Tide Held Songs of Restless Beasts00:06:28
10:00:25VBID 200:00:05
10:00:34Gurf MorlixBang Bang Bang00:03:44
10:04:22Horse FeathersNearly Old Friends00:04:04
10:08:30Bobby HackettJa-Da00:03:08
10:11:41Gurf MorlixSeries of Closin' Doors00:04:24
10:16:09Bill EvansI've go00:03:20
10:19:32HoleI Think That I Would Die00:03:24
10:23:00Dave GrusinKitchen Dance00:03:49
10:26:53Sarah McLachlanIce Cream00:02:27
10:29:23glbID 500:00:31
10:29:58Grover Washington, Jr.Juffure00:07:34
10:37:35Bobby HackettClementine00:02:32
10:40:11Benny GoodmanSing, Sing, Sing00:03:49
10:44:04Billy StrayhornPassion Flower00:07:18
10:51:26Sugar RayEvery Morning00:03:26
10:54:56HemHalf Acre00:03:18
10:58:18Freddy FenderBefore the Next Teardrop Falls00:02:12
11:00:34VBID 600:00:18
11:00:56Clara RockmoreMinistrel's Song for cello & orchestra (or piano) in F sharp minor, Op. 7100:03:50
11:04:50Bridge QuartetAngel Street00:06:25
11:11:19John ColtraneNaima00:04:12
11:15:35PJ harveyIs That All There Is?00:05:00
11:20:39Aural MethodI Dreamed of Choirs Slow and Steady, the Song Was Ours, Its Woe Was Heavy00:07:33
11:28:39Chet BakerWell, You Needn't00:07:53
11:36:36Bernard XolotlTides of Exile00:06:33
11:43:13Sarah McLachlanGood Enough00:04:41
11:47:57Django ReinhardtDjangology00:02:43
11:50:44Talvin SinghMumbai Theme Tune - A. R. Rahman00:04:56
11:55:44JewelPieces of You00:02:25
11:58:13Jos GonzlezHeartbeats00:02:36
12:01:10Shawn MullinsYou Mean Everything to Me00:03:34
12:04:47Philip Glass; Albert De Ruiter;Koyaanisqatsi00:03:25
12:08:16Billy StrayhornSmada00:02:56
12:11:16Dead Can DanceYulunga (Spirit Dance)00:06:44
12:18:04Archie SheppGeorgia on My Mind00:04:50
12:22:58Chick CoreaSpain00:05:41
12:28:42PJ harveyCity Of No Sun (Tokyo)00:02:12
12:30:58glbID 400:00:11
12:31:13Hank JonesCharlie Chan00:05:35
12:36:51Kenny GThe Champion's Theme00:04:15
12:41:10Ella FitzgeraldLullaby of Birdland00:02:47
12:44:01Barbara BuchholzHidden Melody00:04:51
12:48:56Nina SimoneJust Like A Woman00:03:34
12:52:33Duke EllingtonNever No Lament (Don't Get Around Much Anymore)00:02:52
12:55:29Duke EllingtonCreole Rhapsody, Pts. 1 & 200:06:26
13:02:04Squirrel Nut ZippersFlight of the Passing Fancy00:03:48
13:05:56Benny CarterNight Hop00:03:03
13:09:03Panic at the DiscoNails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks00:03:19
13:12:25Barbara BuchholzSokolniki00:04:07
13:16:37Depeche ModeA Question of Time00:04:10
13:20:50Art BlakeyDrum Ensemble00:05:52
13:26:46EnyaOn My Way Home00:03:27
13:30:16VBID 300:00:06
13:30:26Lefty FrizzellSaginaw, Michigan00:02:55
13:38:15Robert MilesIn My Dreams00:06:14
13:44:33Sufjan StevensThe Upper Peninsula00:03:18
13:47:54SnakefingerThe Man In The Dark Sedan00:03:13
13:51:11Art TatumRoyal Garden Blues00:03:09
13:54:24Jo Dee MessinaBecause You Love Me00:03:42
13:58:10SublimeDon't Push00:02:58
14:01:12VBID 100:00:03
14:07:04Emily Lou HarrisAshes by Now00:03:58
14:11:06Miles DavisThe Pan Piper00:03:44
14:14:54Gerry MulliganFestive Minor00:06:42
14:21:39Cannonball Adderley; John ColtraneLimehouse Blues00:04:35
14:26:18Louis ArmstrongDo You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? [Live]00:05:01
14:31:23glbID 600:00:17
14:31:43Thelonious MonkWell, You Needn't00:02:52
14:34:38Blue StreetI'm GOnna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter00:03:33
14:38:15Bob Wills and His Texas PlayboysSteel Guitar Rag00:02:42
14:41:01Bob Wills and His Texas PlayboysBasin Street Blues00:03:33
14:44:38Johnny CashFolsom Prison Blues00:02:39
14:47:21Bill LaswellThe Dark Side Of The Moog 500:13:33
15:01:24The Cave SingersDancing on Our Graves00:03:19
15:04:46Jerry ReedWhen You're Hot, You're Hot00:02:12
15:07:02Blue NoteA Child Is Born00:05:34
15:12:40Beth OrtonBest Bit00:04:07
15:16:51Anouar BrahemAin Ghazel00:07:07
15:24:02Dead Can DanceSong of Sophia00:01:09
15:25:15Horse FeathersLast Waltz00:03:52
15:29:10Ferlin HuskyWings of a Dove00:02:11
15:31:34Liz StoryPacheco Pass00:02:54
15:34:32LifescapesChanson Melancolic00:04:10
15:38:46Fleet FoxesBedouin Dress00:04:18
15:43:07Jane SiberryEverything Reminds Me of My Dog00:04:14
15:47:25Shawn MullinsLullaby00:05:19
15:52:48Philip Glass; Albert De Ruiter;Prophecies00:08:04
16:00:56Sarah McLachlanPossession00:04:21
16:05:21Bob Wills and His Texas PlayboysNew San Antonio Rose00:02:30
16:07:54Talvin SinghEclipse00:05:28
16:13:26Angus StoneThe Wolf & the Butler00:04:01
16:17:31Hot Lips PageI Won't Be Here Long00:02:38
16:20:13Dead Can DanceEnigma of the Absolute00:04:08
16:24:25Clara RockmoreValse sentimentale, for piano (or violin & piano) in F minor (Morceaux (6) for piano), Op. 51/6: Valse sentimentale00:01:47
16:26:16Don Ewell; Willie "The Lion" SmithCan't We Be Friends00:06:59
16:33:19Squirrel Nut ZippersPrince Nez00:02:49
16:36:11Jean-Luc Ponty; Stphane GrappelliCarole's Garden00:07:40
16:43:56Depeche ModeFly on the Windscreen-Final00:05:06
16:49:05EnyaShepherd Moons00:02:54
16:52:03Little TexasRedneck Like Me00:04:33
16:56:40Sinead O'connorDaddy I'm Fine00:02:57
17:00:01EnyaCaribbean Blue00:03:50
17:03:56SnakefingerJesus Was A Leprechaun00:01:57
17:05:56Hank WilliamsI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry00:02:41
17:08:42HemAll That I'm Good For00:03:14
17:12:00Blue NoteSummertime00:07:07
17:19:11Blue StreetDippermouth Blues00:03:26
17:22:41Little Jimmy DickensMay the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose00:02:18
17:25:02Johnny CashDaddy Sang Bass00:02:17
17:27:23Louis ArmstrongMack the Knife00:03:19
17:30:46VBID 200:00:05
17:30:54Ernest Tubb & The Texas TroubadorsWaltz Across Texas00:02:33
17:33:32MobyNew Dawn Fades00:05:31
17:39:07The StavesHorizons00:02:42
17:41:53Fleet FoxesLorelei00:04:14
17:46:10Robert MilesMore Than Miles 0400:03:47
17:50:01Danish Radio Big BandOld Folks00:06:09
17:56:14Count BasieJumpin' at the Woodside00:03:06
17:59:24glbID 500:00:31
17:59:58Dave GrusinHaunting Me00:04:50
18:04:52lso-berioschubert/berio rendering for orch. 200:08:47
18:13:43Elmer SnowdenDoin' the New Low Down00:03:27
18:17:14Lionel HamptonMidnight Sun00:03:15
18:20:33Sinead O'connorThe Healing Room00:05:23
18:26:00Django ReinhardtMarie00:02:47
18:28:51Hank WilliamsMy Bucket's Got a Hole in It00:02:28
18:31:29Danny CaronGate Walks the Board00:03:04
18:34:37Jos GonzlezStay in the Shade00:02:17
18:36:58Highway 101Someone Else's Trouble Now00:03:12
18:40:14Lucinda WilliamsMemphis Pearl00:03:40
18:43:58Charlie ParkerDizzy Atmosphere00:03:52
18:47:54Joe NicholsThe Impossible00:03:48
18:51:46Stan GetzO Pato (The Duck)00:02:27
18:54:17Nina SimoneStars00:04:22
18:58:43Dead Can DanceMusica Eternal00:02:51
19:01:38VBID 600:00:18
19:02:00Miles DavisAutumn Leaves00:10:52
19:12:57Stan GetzSummertime00:08:03
19:21:03Beth OrtonLean On Me (duet with terry ca00:05:02
19:26:09Hank WilliamsYour Cheatin' Heart00:02:35
19:28:48Squirrel Nut ZippersThe Interlocutor00:02:41
19:31:53Horace Silver QuintetNutville00:07:09
19:39:06Billie HolidayGood Morning Heartache00:03:04
19:42:14Bill EvansLaurie00:08:12
19:50:30Marie OsmondPaper Roses00:02:36
19:57:06Horse FeathersCurs in the Weeds00:03:24
20:00:33VBID 100:00:03
20:00:39Ramsey LewisA Hard Day's Night [Live]00:04:57
20:05:41BjrkArmy of Me00:03:49
20:12:11SublimeWrong Way00:02:13
20:14:28Bernard XolotlGypsy Crystal00:05:26
20:19:58BjrkYou've Been Flirting Again00:02:23
20:22:25Hank WilliamsMove It on Over00:02:41
20:25:09The Cave SingersSeeds of Night00:04:40
20:29:53glbID 600:00:17
20:30:14Bill LaswellBill Laswell + Miles Davis00:12:08
20:42:25Lambert, Hendricks & RossCookin' at the Continental00:02:56
20:45:25Jimi HendrixFire00:02:35
20:48:03The DoorsWhen the Music's Over00:10:53
20:59:00glbID 500:00:31
20:59:34glbMark Warner 100:00:13