KBLU-FM 90.5 -- Playlist for 01 Jan 2019

9:00:03RDLKBLU Beginning Our Broadcast Day00:00:07
9:00:14The Gordon HighlandersThe Liberty Bell, march for band00:04:36
9:04:54GaryID2-5 glb00:00:05
9:05:02RMSMark Warner100:00:14
9:05:20EnyaOrinoco Flow00:04:15
9:09:38Loreena McKennittHuron 'Beltane' Fire Dance00:04:05
9:13:46Joni MitchellAll I Want00:03:28
9:17:19Cat StevensBut I Might Die Tonight00:01:46
9:19:08DonovanAtlantis [*]00:04:53
9:24:05Bob DylanSimple Twist of Fate00:04:09
9:28:17The BeatlesIf I Needed Someone00:02:18
9:30:39vbID1-3 vb00:00:03
9:30:45EnyaOnly If...00:03:12
9:34:01DonovanBarabajagal [*]00:03:12
9:37:17Loreena McKennittDickens' Dublin (The Palace)00:04:29
9:41:50The StavesThe Motherlode00:04:11
9:46:04Bob DylanBuckets of Rain00:03:16
9:49:24Joni MitchellThis Flight Tonight00:02:45
9:52:12EnyaThe Celts00:02:52
9:55:08DonovanHurdy Gurdy Man00:03:07
9:58:19Bob DylanKnockin' on Heaven's Door (Remastered)00:02:21
10:00:51KLWMosa spot 2a00:00:30
10:01:25Ryan BinghamThe Weary Kind (Album Version)00:04:09
10:05:38Cat StevensLonger Boats00:03:05
10:08:47EnyaChina Roses00:04:13
10:13:04Loreena McKennittMarco Polo00:04:50
10:17:58Joni MitchellCarey00:02:59
10:21:00DonovanSunshine Superman00:04:26
10:25:30Cat StevensTea for the Tillerman00:00:56
10:26:29Bob DylanMan of Constant Sorrow00:03:02
10:29:35the beatlesMean Mr Mustard00:01:06
10:30:55Joni MitchellJudgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig's Tune)00:05:12
10:36:11DonovanMellow Yellow00:03:34
10:39:49The StavesWisely & Slow00:03:33
10:43:26The StavesDon't You Call Me Anymore00:02:44
10:46:14Bob DylanBaby, Let Me Follow You Down00:02:30
10:48:47Cat StevensSad Lisa00:03:34
10:52:24Bob DylanHighway 61 Revisited00:03:20
10:55:48The StavesSadness Don't Own Me00:04:20
11:00:12vbID4-12 vb00:00:11
11:00:27wtech16 vb00:00:05
11:00:36The Wood BrothersTime to Stand Still00:04:22
11:05:02Bob DylanIt's All Over Now, Baby Blue [Alternate Take]00:03:28
11:08:34Robert JohnsonRambling on My Mind00:02:47
11:11:25The StavesGone Tomorrow00:03:19
11:14:48DonovanRiki Tiki Tavi [*]00:02:53
11:17:45Ry CooderDown in Mississippi00:04:16
11:22:04Bob DylanGirl from the North Country00:03:16
11:25:24Rory BlockI'll Go with Him00:02:47
11:30:07vbID6-20 vb00:00:18
11:30:29The StavesMexico00:03:56
11:34:29Ray BonnevilleCross and Flowers00:04:13
11:38:46Robert JohnsonLove in Vain00:02:16
11:41:06RDLInner Sanctum Monday_Tuesday Air Spot00:00:09
11:41:19LeadbellyIn New Orleans (House of the Rising Sun)00:03:12
11:44:34The StavesPay Us No Mind00:04:06
11:48:44Robert JohnsonKindhearted Woman Blues00:02:49
11:51:36Bob DylanIn My Time of Dyin'00:02:33
11:54:13Ray BonnevilleNight Walker00:02:54
11:57:11Iron & WineTrack 700:03:07
12:00:22GaryID3-7 glb00:00:06
12:00:31glbWitness Tree Surveying 3a glb 30sec00:00:29
12:01:04Bob DylanHouse of the Risin' Sun00:05:12
12:06:20LeadbellyYellow Gal00:03:05
12:09:29LeadbellyThe Gallis Pole00:02:57
12:12:30vbID1-3 vb00:00:03
12:12:36Ray BonnevilleRiver John00:03:58
12:16:38Iron & WineTrack 400:05:04
12:21:46Ry CooderCrossroads00:03:59
12:25:48Rory BlockRamblin' on My Mind00:03:11
12:29:03Bobby JohnstonKneller and the Happy Campers00:01:09
12:30:15vbID2-5 vb00:00:05
12:30:24Dan Hicks & His Hot LicksWoe, the Luck00:04:34
12:35:02Bob DylanHurricane00:08:27
12:43:33RDLInner Sanctum Monday_Tuesday Air Spot00:00:09
12:43:45Robert JohnsonStop Breakin' Down Blues00:02:11
12:46:00Johnnie JohnsonI'm Goin' Fishin'00:02:46
12:48:51Dan Hicks & His Hot LicksMoody Richard (The Innocent Bystander)00:03:52
12:52:47Johnnie JohnsonKansas City00:04:39
12:57:29dead can danceSaltarello00:02:32
13:00:25GLBWe Sell Stuff 4c00:00:23
13:00:51Ray BonnevilleBlonde of Mine00:04:27
13:05:22Dan Hicks & His Hot LicksI'm an Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande)00:02:42
13:08:08Iron & WineTrack 100:02:43
13:10:55LeadbellyWhere Did You Sleep Last Night?00:02:58
13:14:20Robt MooreSaint Tonight00:00:33
13:14:57MozartEine Kleine Nachtmusik "Minuetto Allegretto"00:02:03
13:17:04Wolfgang Amadeus MozartClarinet Concerto00:02:31
13:19:39BeethovenThe "Pastoral" Symphony 2nd Movement00:02:25
13:22:0719 Symphony No. 5Symphony No. 5- 1st Movement00:01:33
13:23:43BrahmsWaltz in "A" Flat00:01:28
13:25:1511 'Surprise' Symphony No. 94"Surprise" Symphony No. 94- 2nd Movement00:01:58
13:27:17chopinNo. 11 in E flat major (op. 1000:02:53
13:30:14vbID6-20 vb00:00:18
13:30:36Berlin Philharmonic OrchestraValse Triste, for orchestra (from Kuolema), Op. 44/1: Valse triste00:05:40
13:36:20Berlin Philharmonic OrchestraThe Swan of Tuonela, tone poem for orchestra (Lemminkinen Suite No. 3), Op. 22/3: No.3, The Swan of Tuonela00:07:29
13:43:53Berlin Philharmonic OrchestraFinlandia, tone poem for orchestra, Op. 2600:09:19
13:53:1606 OvertureOverture: Italian Girl in Algiers00:03:10
13:56:30BachViolin Concerto in A minor00:03:40
14:00:14GaryID1-3 glb00:00:03
14:00:20GLBLaurie's Teaching Studio v200:00:44
14:01:08Failoni Chamber OrchestraChristmas Oratorio00:05:47
14:06:59Eteri AndjaparidzeJesu Joy of Man's Desiring00:02:42
14:09:45Budapest StringsConcerto in C minor for Violin and Oboe00:06:21
14:16:10Chen Pi-HsienGoldberg Variations00:03:02
14:19:15Carl MerkleID 400:00:19
14:19:38Capella IstropolitanaBrandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major00:03:17
14:22:58Capella IstropolitanaNun komm, der Heiden Heiland00:04:24
14:27:26Bob DylanSong to Woody00:02:35
14:30:22Capella IstropolitanaSuite No. 3 in D major00:04:58
14:35:24Hae-Won Changm Camerata Cassovia, Rbert StankovskPiano Concerto No. 5 in F minor00:02:30
14:37:58Capella IstropolitanaBrandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F major00:05:03
14:43:05BachViolin Concerto No. 2 in E major00:06:22
14:49:31Capella IstropolitanaSuite No. 2 in B minor00:01:16
14:50:50Nicholas Goluses guitarSonata No. 3 in C major for Solo Violin00:03:03
14:53:57Capella IstropolitanaSuite No. 4 in D major00:02:21
14:56:25Capella IstropolitanaBrandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F major00:03:14
15:00:03Prodigal 3-16n glbProdigal 3-16n glb00:00:15
15:00:22BachDouble Concerto in D minor00:06:36
15:07:01Capella IstropolitanaWachet auf, Cantata00:05:41
15:12:46Johann Sebastian BachBadinerie00:01:25
15:14:14Johann Sebastian BachAir on a G String00:02:58
15:17:16E Power BiggsBach: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 53800:05:22
15:22:4221 Water MusicWater Music- The Hornpipe00:02:57
15:25:42Frdric ChopinEtude No. 12 (Revolutionary)00:02:26
15:28:12the beatlesGolden Slumbers00:01:30
15:29:46the beatlesHer Majesty00:00:22
15:30:12GaryID4-12 glb00:00:11
15:30:26Sarah VaughnTime And Again00:03:18
15:33:48Chopin: ArrauVariations for piano & orchestra in B flat major on Mozart's 'La ci darem' Op. 2, B. 2200:19:16
15:53:07MendelssohnThe Italian Symphony 3rd Movement00:02:31
15:55:4109 Carnival of the AnimalsCarnival of the Animals- Finale00:01:43
15:57:2818 Ballet MusicBallet Music: Finale [Faust]00:02:34
16:00:06vbID3-6 vb00:00:06
16:00:15les schwab16 vb00:00:05
16:00:24Festival London OrchestraLa Mer: Dialogue of the Wind and the Sea00:08:01
16:08:29O.R.F. Symphony OrchestraPrelude to "The Afternoon of a Faun"00:06:15
16:14:48Radio Symphony OrchestraBolero00:13:42
16:28:33Bobby JohnstonPeople in High Places00:01:36
16:30:30Festival London OrchestraLa Mer: The Play of the Waves00:05:59
16:36:32Festival London OrchestraLa Mer: From Dawn Until Noon on the Sea00:08:46
16:45:2201 Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46: No. 1, Morning Mood00:03:58
16:49:2402 Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46: No. 2, The Death of Ase00:02:17
16:51:4403 Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46: No. 3, Anitra's Dance00:03:09
16:54:57Berlin Philharmonic OrchestraPeer Gynt Suite No 2 for orchestra, Op 55: No. 1, "The Abduction - Ingrid's Lament"00:04:38
16:59:39Cat StevensTea for the Tillerman00:00:56
17:00:39GaryID1-3 glb00:00:03
17:00:45wtech321 vb00:00:20
17:01:0906 Peer Gynt Suite No 2 for orchestra, Op 55Peer Gynt Suite No 2 for orchestra, Op 55: No. 2, "Arabian Dance"00:04:33
17:05:4604 Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46: No. 4, In the Hall of the Mountain King00:02:06
17:07:5607 Peer Gynt Suite No 2 for orchestra, Op 55Peer Gynt Suite No 2 for orchestra, Op 55: No. 3, "Peer Gynt's Homecoming"00:02:10
17:10:0908 Peer Gynt Suite No 2 for orchestra, Op 55Peer Gynt Suite No 2 for orchestra, Op 55: No. 4, "Solveig's Song"00:04:05
17:14:18Slavonic Philharmonic OrchestraDaphnis and Chloe00:15:56
17:30:18vbID3-6 vb00:00:06
17:30:27Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandNight Moves00:05:17
17:35:48The Moody BluesI Know You're Out There Somewhere00:06:26
17:42:18The FiestasSo Fine00:02:11
17:44:33James BrownPlease, Please, Please00:02:40
17:47:17Bobby "Blue" BlandI Pity the Fool00:02:32
17:49:53Bobby LewisTossin' and Turnin'00:02:13
17:52:10Brook BentonIt's Just a Matter of Time00:02:22
17:54:35Ernie K-DoeMother-in-Law00:02:27
17:57:06The FalconsYou're So Fine00:02:22
17:59:32dead can danceMephisto00:00:40
18:00:36IreneABC 3a00:00:26
18:01:06Fats DominoI Want to Walk You Home00:02:11
18:03:20Jackie WilsonLonely Teardrops00:02:30
18:05:55The Five SatinsIn the Still of the Night00:02:52
18:08:50Hank Ballard & the MidnightersLet's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go00:02:19
18:11:13James BrownTry Me00:02:26
18:13:43The Johnny Otis ShowWillie and the Hand Jive00:02:30
18:16:17Shirley & LeeLet the Good Times Roll00:02:21
18:18:41Larry WilliamsShort Fat Fannie00:02:21
18:21:06Lloyd PriceStagger Lee00:02:17
18:23:26Lee Andrews & the HeartsLong Lonely Nights00:02:51
18:26:21Little RichardSend Me Some Lovin'00:02:16
18:28:41Maurice Williams & the ZodiacsStay00:01:32
18:30:16GaryID1-3 glb00:00:03
18:30:23Roy HamiltonDon't Let Go00:02:23
18:32:49Robert & JohnnyWe Belong Together00:02:38
18:35:31The PlattersTwilight Time00:02:43
18:38:17Lee DorseyYa Ya00:02:19
18:40:40Tommy EdwardsIt's All in the Game00:02:33
18:43:17Phil PhillipsSea of Love00:02:17
18:45:38Blind FaithSea of Joy00:05:08
18:50:50The BeatlesHere Comes the Sun00:03:01
18:53:55Blind FaithCan't Find My Way Home00:03:10
18:57:09Tommy James; Tommy James & the ShondellsCrimson and Clover00:03:21
19:00:34vbID2-5 vb00:00:05
19:00:42Carl MerkleProdigal Son 100:00:15
19:01:01The BeatlesHey Jude00:06:46
19:07:51The CarsGood Times Roll00:03:42
19:11:36The Beach BoysSurfer Girl [Original Stereo Version]00:02:23
19:14:03The CarsJust What I Needed00:03:40
19:17:46The Beach BoysWouldn't It Be Nice [2001 Stereo Mix]00:02:23
19:20:14The BeatlesThe Ballad of John and Yoko00:02:54
19:23:12SupertrampLogical Song00:03:48
19:27:03The Beach BoysDo You Wanna Dance [Mono Version]00:02:13
19:29:20Bobby JohnstonWe're All Immigrants00:00:42
19:30:16The BeatlesAll You Need Is Love00:03:31
19:33:51Blind FaithHad to Cry Today00:08:44
19:42:38The CarsMoving in Stereo00:04:41
19:47:23The Beach BoysGood Vibrations [Mono Version]00:03:34
19:51:00The BeatlesPenny Lane00:02:57
19:54:01The Beach BoysLittle Deuce Coupe [Original Stereo Version]00:01:34
19:55:39The BeatlesSomething00:02:56
19:58:38The Beach BoysSurfin' U.S.A. [Original Stereo Version]00:02:23
20:01:04vbID6-20 vb00:00:18
20:01:27The CarsYou're All I've Got Tonight00:04:13
20:05:43The BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour00:02:38
20:08:25Crosby, Stills & NashWooden Ships00:05:23
20:13:48SupertrampGoodbye Stranger00:04:29
20:18:20The CarsI'm in Touch With Your World00:03:26
20:21:50The Beach BoysCalifornia Girls [2002 Stereo Mix]00:02:40
20:24:33The Beach BoysHelp Me, Rhonda [Mono Single Version]00:02:43
20:30:04vbID6-20 vb00:00:18
20:30:26The BeatlesCome Together00:04:08
20:34:38Crosby, Stills & NashGuinnevere00:04:25
20:39:06Crosby, Stills & Nash49 Bye-Byes00:05:12
20:44:22The BeatlesLet It Be00:03:45
20:48:10The CarsDon't Cha Stop00:02:56
20:51:10GaryID3-7 glb00:00:06
20:51:20Crosby, Stills & NashLady of the Island00:02:31
20:53:54The CarsMy Best Friend's Girl00:03:37
20:57:3548th Highlanders Of CanadaAuld Lang Syne/Will Ye No Come Back Again/Bide Awa00:02:43
21:00:22GaryID6-17 glb00:00:17
21:00:43RMSMark Warner100:00:14