KBLU-FM 90.5 -- Playlist for 02 Feb 2019

9:00:03RDLKBLU Beginning Our Broadcast Day00:00:07
9:00:14The Gordon HighlandersThe Liberty Bell, march for band00:04:36
9:04:54JohnJohnID 100:00:03
9:05:00RMSMark Warner100:00:14
9:05:18dead can danceEnigma of the Absolute00:04:08
9:09:30Junior BrownSugar Foot Rag00:03:36
9:13:10The TheArmageddon Days Are Here (Again)00:05:37
9:18:51Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraJava00:02:22
9:21:16Bobby JohnstonKneller and the Happy Campers00:01:09
9:22:29Freak Mountain RamblersSpanish Coffee00:05:22
9:27:55Louis ArmstrongHoneysuckle Rose00:02:56
9:30:51vbID2-5 vb00:00:05
9:30:59RDLInner Sanctum General Air Spot00:00:16
9:31:19It's A Beautiful DayWhite Bird00:06:03
9:37:26Louis ArmstrongWhen the Saints Go Marching In00:02:39
9:40:09Terry RobbSugar Sweet00:03:00
9:43:13Zuby NehtyPan IV.00:02:38
9:45:54Memphis MinnieDown in the Alley00:02:56
9:48:54Squirrel Nut ZippersMemphis Exorcism00:02:20
9:51:18Memphis SlimThree-in-One Boogie00:04:23
9:55:45Gogol BordelloOccurrence on the Border00:03:22
9:59:11Bobby JohnstonOne Good Reason for Living00:01:03
10:00:18vbID3-6 vb00:00:06
10:00:27glbWitnessTreeSurveying2 glb 14sec00:00:13
10:00:45lightnin hopkinscoffee for mama00:02:21
10:03:09Lionel Hamptoni`m confessin` (that i love you)00:03:24
10:06:37The KinksYou Really Got Me00:02:10
10:08:50TrafficDear Mr. Fantasy00:05:28
10:14:21Buck MulliganHYH 14a00:00:49
10:15:14The KinksSunny Afternoon (Mono Mix)00:03:27
10:18:45John Lee Hooker Carlos SantanaChill Out00:03:45
10:22:34The Beach BoysCalifornia Girls00:02:40
10:25:18Fats DominoI Want To Walk You Home00:02:33
10:27:55BeatlesLove Me Do00:02:14
10:30:13vbID4-12 vb00:00:11
10:30:28Bob Wills and His Texas PlayboysFat Boy Rag [*]00:02:28
10:32:59Lou ReedWalk on the Wild Side00:03:59
10:37:02PentangleWhen I Was In My Prime00:02:48
10:39:5404 Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46: No. 4, In the Hall of the Mountain King00:02:06
10:42:04Loreena McKennittAnnachie Gordon00:08:00
10:54:21Pickin' OnCasey Jones00:04:02
10:58:27bach, via glen gouldGigue00:02:14
11:00:44JohnJohnID 100:00:03
11:00:51GLBWe Sell Stuff 4a00:00:23
11:01:18Louis ArmstrongDo You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? [Live]00:05:01
11:06:23Los LobosVoodoo Music00:03:19
11:09:45Lucie BlPapouch00:04:44
11:14:33Lynyrd SkynyrdWhat's Your Name?00:03:39
11:18:16Bob Wills and His Texas PlayboysCotton Patch Blues00:02:47
11:21:07RDLInner Sanctum General Air Spot00:00:16
11:21:27Mahmat Ghulam; Xn, Said AlamKtlek-G00:04:44
11:26:14The Rolling StonesShe's So Cold (Remastered)00:04:07
11:30:25GaryID6-17 glb00:00:17
11:30:46Pat LeeDomestic Violence 100:00:22
11:31:11Manuel de FallaCortejo de gnomos, for piano, G2100:01:40
11:32:56Marcin WasilewskiSweet Thing00:06:39
11:39:38Marcy PlaygroundDog and His Master00:02:05
11:41:47Maria DoyleI Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)00:03:03
11:44:54dead can danceSaltarello00:02:32
11:47:29Marv Johnson; The Rayber VoicesYou Got What It Takes00:02:30
11:50:03Ray CharlesYesterday00:02:40
11:52:47Rex Stewart; Sidney BechetDiga Diga Doo00:04:08
11:57:00dead can danceThe Song of the Sybil00:03:39
12:01:06IreneABC 3a00:00:26
12:01:36Merle HaggardFootlights00:03:53
12:05:33Memphis MinnieHoodoo Lady00:03:01
12:08:37McKinney's Cotton PickersMilenberg Joys00:02:51
12:11:32Michael LigginsLoaded Back00:03:15
12:14:51Buck MulliganHYH 9b00:01:45
12:16:40michael nymanTrack 0400:03:27
12:20:10The Glenn Miller OrchestraTuxedo Junction00:03:27
12:23:40BeatlesLove Me Do00:02:14
12:25:58Benny GoodmanThe Man I Love00:04:13
12:30:15GLBID5b 31sec glb00:00:31
12:30:49Benny GoodmanSing Sing Sing00:03:51
12:34:44Milt JacksonYou Got To My Head00:02:53
12:37:41Mimicking BirdsSpent Winter00:04:38
12:42:22MobyWe are all made of stars00:04:28
12:46:54Mohamed 'Ali, Hanafi; Musicians of the Nile; Mustafa Abdel AzizZahrafat Al Sa'id [Rejoicing in Upper Egypt]00:07:01
12:53:59Led ZeppelinOver The Hills And Far Away00:04:45
12:58:48the beatlesShe Came In Trough The Bathroom Window00:01:54
13:00:45vbID1-3 vb00:00:03
13:00:52GLBLaurie's Teaching Studio v200:00:44
13:01:39The Moody BluesThe Story in Your Eyes00:02:55
13:04:37Charles MingusBird Calls00:02:59
13:07:40Bob Wills and His Texas PlayboysSteel Guitar Rag00:02:42
13:10:26EnyaAmid the Falling Snow00:03:31
13:14:01django reinhardtI can't give you anything but love00:03:18
13:17:22The Moody BluesSteppin' in a Slide Zone00:04:56
13:22:22Hank WilliamsMind Your Own Business00:02:51
13:25:16Big Mama ThorntonThey Call Me Big Mama00:01:59
13:27:19Bobby JohnstonZia and Mikal00:01:19
13:28:41Cat StevensTea for the Tillerman00:00:56
13:29:41Bobby JohnstonOne Good Reason for Living00:01:03
13:30:48vbID2-5 vb00:00:05
13:30:56The Moody BluesQuestion00:05:40
13:36:40Rene NinforgeEden Parc00:02:13
13:38:57Billie HolidayGod Bless the Child00:02:45
13:41:45erykah baduSometimes...00:04:01
13:45:50Israel Kamakawiwo'oleHenehene Kou'aka00:04:12
13:50:06Les Ngresses VertesVoil l' t00:04:01
13:54:11erykah baduAfro (Freestyle Skit)00:02:02
13:56:16Led ZeppelinYour Time Is Gonna Come00:04:34
14:00:54GaryID2-5 glb00:00:05
14:01:02wtech321 vb00:00:20
14:01:26Bob Wills and His Texas PlayboysTake Me Back to Tulsa00:02:37
14:04:07Elmer SnowdenC Jam Blues00:02:55
14:07:06Loreena McKennittStanding Stones00:06:40
14:13:50Samia FarahRein Nest Acquis00:03:43
14:17:36Songs of Pasha"Early in the Morning, My Sweet Friend, I Was Seated Beside the ..."00:02:49
14:20:29Muddy WatersThe Stuff You Gotta Watch00:02:36
14:23:08Muggsy SpanierAt the Jazz Band Ball00:02:39
14:25:51The KinksSunny Afternoon (Mono Mix)00:03:27
14:29:22the beatlesMean Mr Mustard00:01:06
14:30:31GaryID4-12 glb00:00:11
14:30:43KLWMosa spot 2a00:00:30
14:31:16Music ExplosionLittle Bit o' Soul00:02:54
14:34:14Loreena McKennittThe Bonny Swans00:06:59
14:41:17Blind MelonNo Rain (2002 - Remastered)00:03:33
14:44:54Amos MilburnWalking Blues00:02:57
14:47:54Rufus WainwrightHallelujah00:03:57
14:51:55The Rolling StonesPaint It Black00:03:39
14:55:37Nina SimoneBlack Is the Color of My True Love's Hair00:03:16
14:58:57dead can danceSong of Sophia00:01:09
15:00:17witness tree16 vb00:00:05
15:00:26Led ZeppelinGoing To California00:03:17
15:03:47Nat King ColeEasy Listening Blues00:03:03
15:06:54Natalie MerchantGiving Up Everything00:04:08
15:11:05Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraWalkin' My Baby Back Home00:02:35
15:13:44NerezCern Voda00:03:12
15:17:00NickelbackLove Will Keep Us Together00:02:14
15:19:18nina simoneI Think It's Going To Rain Tod00:03:23
15:22:44Nino RotaLo Sceicco Bianco (The White Sheikh)-Symphonic Suite00:02:28
15:25:16EarlBoogie Woogie On St. Louis Blues00:02:49
15:28:09Billie HolidayPlease Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone00:01:54
15:30:07GaryID2-5 glb00:00:05
15:30:15RDLInner Sanctum General Air Spot00:00:16
15:30:35Bobby JohnstonAre You Sorry Now?00:00:19
15:30:57Ottmar Liebert2 the Night00:04:07
15:35:07P!nkBlow Me (One Last Kiss)00:03:47
15:38:58Pablo CruiseWhat'cha Gonna Do?00:04:03
15:43:05Pat Metheny GroupLast Train Home00:05:04
15:48:13Buena Vista Social ClubEl Carretero00:03:24
15:51:41R.E.M.Orange Crush00:03:48
15:55:32Bobby JohnstonAre You Sorry Now?00:00:19
15:55:55The KinksSunny Afternoon (Mono Mix)00:03:27
15:59:26the beatlesHer Majesty00:00:22
15:59:51vbID2-5 vb00:00:05
16:00:00Misty MouthSagebrush00:04:52
16:04:56The TheArmageddon Days Are Here (Again)00:05:37
16:10:37Peppermint HarrisPenthouse in the Ghetto00:04:57
16:15:38Percy MayfieldGone Astray00:03:04
16:18:45Buck MulliganHYH 14a00:00:49
16:19:38Peter FramptonBaby, I Love Your Way00:04:37
16:27:03Cat StevensBut I Might Die Tonight00:01:46
16:29:16RDLInner Sanctum General Air Spot00:00:16
16:29:35Phil CollinsIn The Air Tonight (extended v00:07:29
16:37:08Samia FarahTe Sais00:03:28
16:40:40Philharmonia SlavonicaGigue00:03:09
16:43:53Cocteau TwinsIceblink Luck00:03:10
16:47:07Iva BittovJungle00:02:37
16:49:48Pipes And Drums, 1st Battalion Scots GuardsCompany Marches: Greenwood Side/The Drunken Piper/The Black Bear/Back o00:03:34
16:53:26Support LesbiensOn My Line00:02:41
16:56:11dead can danceThe End of Words00:02:00
16:58:14Bobby JohnstonWe're All Immigrants00:00:42
16:59:27The BanglesWalk Like an Egyptian00:03:15
17:02:45Gogol BordelloThrough the Roof 'N' Underground00:05:26
17:08:15Count BasieAin't Misbehavin'00:03:22
17:11:40Rafael MndezArr by Mndez00:03:01
17:14:45Rafael PuyanaSonata in C minor00:02:42
17:17:31Strangled DarlingsOrange Peel00:02:34
17:20:09Rahsaan Roland KirkNight Train00:04:27
17:24:40dead can danceWilderness00:01:17
17:26:00Bobby JohnstonWe're All Immigrants00:00:42
17:26:46the beatlesShe Came In Trough The Bathroom Window00:01:54
17:28:43GaryID4-12 glb00:00:11
17:28:58The Rolling StonesIn Another Land (Stereo Version)00:03:07
17:32:09Gogol BordelloHuligarijetta00:05:35
17:37:47Ravi ShankarChannels and Winds00:07:51
17:45:42Strangled DarlingsHayden's Twinkle00:02:57
17:48:43The Rolling StonesShe's So Cold (Remastered)00:04:07
17:52:54The Rolling StonesSing This All Together00:03:46
17:56:43Absolutely NobodyHospital Gown00:01:35
17:58:22vbID2-5 vb00:00:05
17:58:30les schwab16 vb00:00:05
17:58:39Richard BettsHand Picked00:14:10
18:12:53The Rolling StonesPlay with Fire00:02:06
18:15:02Cherry Poppin' DaddiesDing-Dong Daddy of the D-Car Line00:03:23
18:18:29Bobby JohnstonYou Look Exactly the Same00:00:47
18:19:20Rod StewartBring It on Home to Me/You Send Me00:03:48
18:23:11Ben HowardIn Dreams00:03:25
18:26:40Strangled DarlingsDandelion Wives00:02:03
18:28:46GaryID3-7 glb00:00:06
18:28:55Robert WyattSonia00:03:58
18:32:57Horse FeathersWorking Poor00:03:02
18:36:03Roma Sinfonietta; Yo-Yo MaGabriel's Oboe00:03:11
18:39:18The Rolling StonesGomper00:05:05
18:44:27Ronnie WhiteheadOut of Breath00:02:03
18:46:34Harry JamesTwo O'Clock Jump00:03:16
18:49:53Roy EldridgeAfter You've Gone00:02:44
18:52:41Roy HamiltonDon't Let Go00:02:23
18:55:08Bobby JohnstonAn Even Worse Place00:00:35
18:55:47Roy OrbisonIn Dreams00:02:45
18:58:36vbID3-6 vb00:00:06
18:58:46GLBWe Sell Stuff 4a00:00:23
18:59:13Joe SatrianiSurfing with the Alien00:04:07
19:03:24Ryan BinghamHard Times00:04:36
19:08:03Ryan StarStay Awhile00:03:32
19:11:39Judas PriestPain and Pleasure00:04:08
19:15:50Sam CookeBring It on Home to Me00:04:53
19:20:47Carlos SantanaBlues for Salvador00:05:49
19:26:40Absolutely NobodyRawhide00:01:48
19:28:31GaryID1-3 glb00:00:03
19:28:37RDLInner Sanctum General Air Spot00:00:16
19:28:57Saving AbelAfter All00:03:11
19:32:12Roy OrbisonOoby Dooby00:02:06
19:34:21Scaggs, BozHarbor Lights00:05:41
19:40:07Cyndi LauperTime After Time00:03:51
19:44:02The Moody BluesThe Story in Your Eyes00:02:55
19:47:00Man; SantanaCorazon Espinado00:04:26
19:51:29The Moody BluesYour Wildest Dreams00:04:39
19:56:12DonovanRiki Tiki Tavi [*]00:02:53
19:59:09GaryID6-17 glb00:00:17
19:59:29IreneABC 3a00:00:26
19:59:59Angeline Ball; Maria DoyleChain of Fools00:02:53
20:02:56sinead o'connorWhat Doesn't Belong to Me00:05:32
20:08:32SirtakiSirtaki - Zorba00:03:39
20:12:15The Irish RoversNancy Whiskey00:03:33
20:15:51Skeets McDonaldDon't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes00:02:39
20:18:34Sleeping In the AviaryThe Very Next Day I Died00:03:04
20:21:38Buck MulliganHYH 9b00:01:45
20:23:27The YardbirdsFor Your Love00:02:26
20:25:57Blind MelonNo Rain (2002 - Remastered)00:03:33
20:29:34JohnJohnID 100:00:03
20:29:41Joni MitchellBlue00:02:46
20:32:31Pink FloydCluster One00:05:48
20:38:23Son HouseDeath Letter Blues00:04:17
20:42:44Songs of PashaTobacco Under Accusation00:03:38
20:46:2508 TeaHouse Moon [Instrumental]00:02:34
20:49:03Jethro TullBungle in the Jungle00:03:44
20:52:51The Moody BluesI Know You're Out There Somewhere00:06:26
20:59:21GaryID3-7 glb00:00:06
20:59:30Mark Warner 1-15n glbMark Warner 1-15n glb00:00:13