KBLU-FM 90.5 -- Playlist for 24 Feb 2019

9:00:03RDLKBLU Beginning Our Broadcast Day00:00:07
9:00:14Richard WagnerRide of the Valkyries00:02:59
9:03:17GaryID1-3 glb00:00:03
9:03:23WTechLink3-23n glbWTechLink3-23n glb00:00:21
9:03:47DiamondsThe Stroll00:02:21
9:06:12Breaking Benjamin; Sebastian DavinDance with the Devil00:03:43
9:09:58Neil YoungThe Needle and the Damage Done00:02:51
9:12:53nina simoneSugar in my bowl00:03:10
9:16:07Country JoeThe Fish Cheer & I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag00:03:36
9:19:47The BeatlesLucy in the Sky With Diamonds00:03:19
9:23:09Big Bad Voodoo DaddyMinnie The Moocher00:04:39
9:27:52Nina SimoneSee Line Women00:02:30
9:30:25GLBID5b 31sec glb00:00:31
9:31:00Ram JamBlack Betty00:03:53
9:34:57Misty MouthLion's Den00:04:11
9:39:11Cherry Poppin' DaddiesShake Your Lovemaker00:05:44
9:45:00Squirrel Nut ZippersBlue Angel00:04:29
9:49:33John ColtraneBlue Train00:10:37
10:00:13vbID2-5 vb00:00:05
10:00:21witness tree16 vb00:00:05
10:00:30RDLInner Sanctum General Air Spot00:00:16
10:00:50Bonnie RaittGuilty00:02:52
10:03:46Freak Mountain RamblersThird Floor Judy00:04:06
10:07:56J.J. CaleCocaine00:02:48
10:10:48Savoy BrownSunday Night [*]00:05:15
10:16:07Buck MulliganHYH 13d00:01:05
10:17:15Bonnie Raitt; John PrineAngel from Montgomery [Live]00:03:54
10:21:13Cocteau TwinsHeaven or Las Vegas00:04:43
10:26:00Les Ngresses VertesVoil l' t00:04:01
10:30:26Antoin MacGabhannHand me Down the Tackle_Devils of Dublin_Sally Gardens00:03:39
10:34:09beth ortonDevil Song00:04:57
10:39:10John ColtraneNaima00:04:12
10:43:26Elvis PresleyDevil in Disguise00:02:14
10:45:44Fats DominoMy Blue Heaven00:02:00
10:47:47Flogging MollyDevil's Dance Floor00:03:57
10:51:48Los Lonely BoysHeaven00:03:47
10:55:39TrafficEmpty Pages00:04:32
11:00:14vbID3-6 vb00:00:06
11:00:24Les Schwab MF 3-20n glbLes Schwab MF 3-20n glb00:00:19
11:00:46Koko TaylorThe Devil's Gonna Have a Field Day00:05:28
11:06:17The BandThe Weight00:04:28
11:10:49Willie NelsonOn the Road Again00:02:31
11:13:23Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsDevil With A Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss Molly00:03:18
11:16:45Bob DylanLeopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat00:03:48
11:20:37Charles MingusPussy Cat Dues00:06:25
11:27:05Mtley CreShout at the Devil00:03:06
11:30:39Pat LeeDomestic Violence 200:00:41
11:31:24Bob DylanStuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again00:06:59
11:38:27The HighwaymenCotton Fields00:02:55
11:41:25Orthodox CeltsStand Up To Your Devils00:03:37
11:45:06Squirrel Nut ZippersMemphis Exorcism00:02:20
11:47:29Robert JohnsonPreaching Blues (Up Jumped the Devil)00:02:47
11:50:20Louis Armstrong/Louis ArmstrongAunt Hagar's Blues00:04:54
11:55:18The DiamondsLittle Darlin'00:02:04
11:57:26Bob Wills and His Texas PlayboysBlues for Dixie [*]00:02:48
12:00:35Carl MerkleProdigal Son 100:00:15
12:00:54Louis ArmstrongSt. Louis Blues00:08:53
12:09:51Robert JohnsonMe and the Devil Blues00:02:31
12:12:26Trisha YearwoodWrong Side of Memphis00:02:38
12:15:08Buck MulliganHYH 2300:03:01
12:18:13Absolutely Nobody...Than to spend one more minute00:03:12
12:21:29Strangled DarlingsThe Devil in Outer Space00:03:35
12:25:08Kate BushCloudbusting00:05:01
12:30:13GLBID5b 31sec glb00:00:31
12:30:47Memphis SlimFrankie and Johnny Boogie00:04:01
12:34:52Buck Owens & the BuckaroosBud's Bounce00:01:42
12:36:37Pink MartiniSympathique00:02:40
12:39:21nina simoneSugar in my bowl00:03:10
12:42:36Paul DesmondSqueeze Me00:04:26
12:47:05Bob Wills and His Texas PlayboysBoot Heel Drag00:02:40
12:49:50The BuckinghamsMercy, Mercy, Mercy00:02:45
12:52:38Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys; Tommy DuncanThe Jobob Rag00:02:24
12:55:06Buckwheat ZydecoEverything Hurt (Tout Que 'Qu Chose Fait Mal)00:03:20
12:58:29Greetings from Australia, Vol. 2Devilman00:01:36
13:00:09GaryID4-12 glb00:00:11
13:00:24GLBWe Sell Stuff 4d00:00:25
13:00:52English Baroque Soloists; Monteverdi Choir; John Eliot Gardiner, conductorSolomon: arrival of the Queen of Sheba00:02:56
13:03:52Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraIII. La Rosa di Novgorod [War & Peace]00:01:24
13:05:20Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraIV. Finale [War & Peace]00:02:18
13:07:42Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraI. Allegro maestoso [The Leopard]00:02:35
13:10:20Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraII. Allegro impetuoso [The Leopard]00:05:05
13:15:29Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraIII. Sostenuto appassionato - Finale [The Leopard]00:03:43
13:19:16Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraI. Country wedding - Zampano has arrived [The Road]00:02:28
13:21:48Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraII. The three musicians and the "Madman" on the tightrope [The Road]00:03:22
13:25:13Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraRhumba [The Road]00:02:23
13:27:40Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraIII. The circus (Zampano's number) - The jugglers - (The "Madman's" vio00:02:37
13:30:21vbID1-3 vb00:00:03
13:30:27Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraIV. Zampano's anger [The Road]00:02:40
13:33:11Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraV. Zampano kills the "Madman" - Gelsomina goes mad with grief [The Road00:02:17
13:35:32Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraVI. The last show in the snow - "Farewell Gelsomina" [The Road]00:03:00
13:38:36Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraVII. Zampano alone and in tears [The Road]00:03:10
13:41:50Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraI. Andante eroica - Tempo di Valzer00:02:54
13:44:48Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraII. Andante alla marcia - Mosso, non troppo00:04:04
13:48:56Monte Carlo Philharmonic OrchestraIII. Andante con moto - Alla marcia00:03:41
13:52:41English Baroque SoloistsConcerto a due cori No. 2 in F: Allegro ma non troppo - Adagio00:03:31
13:56:16English Baroque Soloists; John Eliot Gardiner, conductorConcerto a due cori No. 2 in F - Pomposo00:01:40
13:58:00English Baroque Soloists; John Eliot Gardiner, conductorConcerto a due cori No. 2 in F - Allegro00:01:44
13:59:47JohnJohnID 100:00:03
13:59:54GLBLaurie's Teaching Studio v200:00:44
14:00:42English Baroque Soloists; John Eliot Gardiner, conductorConcerto a due cori No. 2 in F: A tempo giusto00:02:36
14:03:22English Baroque Soloists; John Eliot Gardiner, conductorConcerto a due cori No. 2 in F - Largo00:01:40
14:05:06English Baroque Soloists; John Eliot Gardiner, conductorConcerto a due cori No. 2 in F - A tempo ordinario00:03:26
14:08:36MendelssohnThe Italian Symphony 3rd Movement00:02:31
14:11:11BachOrchestra-Suite No.2 in B minor00:13:53
14:25:07Antonin DvorakSlavonic Dance No. 2 for orchestra in E minor, B. 83/2 (Op. 46/2)00:04:54
14:30:26beethovenSymph No5 C Minor Allegro con brio00:07:20
14:37:50beethovenSymph No5 C Minor Andante con moto00:09:05
14:46:58beethovenSymph No5 C Minor Allegro-00:06:00
14:53:02beethovenAllegro assai00:03:28
14:56:33chopinNo. 19 in E Minor, Op.72-100:03:40
15:00:17GaryID4-12 glb00:00:11
15:00:31IreneABC 3a00:00:26
15:01:0101 Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46: No. 1, Morning Mood00:03:58
15:05:02Duke EllingtonMood Indigo/Sophisticated Lady00:04:54
15:10:0002 Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46: No. 2, The Death of Ase00:02:17
15:12:2103 Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46: No. 3, Anitra's Dance00:03:09
15:15:3304 Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46Peer Gynt Suite No 1 for orchestra, Op 46: No. 4, In the Hall of the Mountain King00:02:06
15:17:4306 Peer Gynt Suite No 2 for orchestra, Op 55Peer Gynt Suite No 2 for orchestra, Op 55: No. 2, "Arabian Dance"00:04:33
15:22:2007 Peer Gynt Suite No 2 for orchestra, Op 55Peer Gynt Suite No 2 for orchestra, Op 55: No. 3, "Peer Gynt's Homecoming"00:02:10
15:24:3408 Peer Gynt Suite No 2 for orchestra, Op 55Peer Gynt Suite No 2 for orchestra, Op 55: No. 4, "Solveig's Song"00:04:05
15:28:43chopinNo. 1 in C major (op. 10)00:01:43
15:30:30GaryID3-7 glb00:00:06
15:30:39BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 29 in B flat major ('Hammerklavier') Op. 106: Allegro00:11:06
15:41:49BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 29 in B flat major ('Hammerklavier') Op. 106: Scherzo, Assai vivace00:02:41
15:44:34BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 29 in B flat major ('Hammerklavier') Op. 106: Adagio sostenuto, Appassionato e on molto sentimento00:14:28
15:59:05chopinNo. 8 in D flat major (op. 25)00:01:02
16:00:35GLBLaurie's Teaching Studio v200:00:44
16:01:22BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 29 in B flat major ('Hammerklavier') Op. 106: Largo, Allegro risoluto / Fuga00:12:28
16:13:54DebussyACTE IV - Le Laurier Bless : Prlude00:04:22
16:18:19DebussyACTE IV - Le Laurier Bless : Il Est L, Le Pasteur, Regardez00:02:13
16:20:36DebussyACTE IV - Le Laurier Bless : Hlas !00:04:15
16:24:54Antonio VivaldiConcerto No. 3 in F RV293 Otoo00:05:08
16:30:06vbID2-5 vb00:00:05
16:30:14Rachmaninoff/Concertgebouw Orchestra; Vladimir Ashkenazy, conductorSymphonic Dances, Op. 45: Andante con moto (Tempo di valse)00:08:45
16:39:03Rachmaninoff/Concertgebouw Orchestra; Vladimir Ashkenazy, conductorSymphonic Dances, Op. 45: Lento assaiAllegro vivace00:13:20
16:52:27Antonio VivaldiConcerto No. 3 in F RV293 Otoo00:05:08
16:57:38Antonio VivaldiConcerto No. 1 in E, RV269 Primavera00:02:21
17:00:03vbID1-3 vb00:00:03
17:00:09RDLInner Sanctum Sunday Show Intro00:00:06
17:00:19Inner SanctumMan Who Couldn't Die00:26:08
17:26:31RDLInner Sanctum Sunday After Show Spot00:00:07
17:26:42Enya01 The Memory of Trees [Instrumental]00:04:11
17:30:57GaryID2-5 glb00:00:05
17:31:05Loreena McKennittPrologue00:04:05
17:35:14PentangleCruel Sister00:06:56
17:42:14Judy CollinsAmazing Grace00:04:13
17:46:30Buck MulliganHYH 15a00:01:11
17:47:45Joni MitchellCalifornia00:03:39
17:51:27Loreena McKennittDickens' Dublin (The Palace)00:04:29
17:56:00EnyaCursum Perficio00:04:02
18:00:06vbID6-20 vb00:00:18
18:00:29KLWMosa spot 2a00:00:30
18:01:02Loreena McKennittThe Mummers' Dance00:05:54
18:07:00Joni MitchellRiver00:03:47
18:10:50Loreena McKennittHuron 'Beltane' Fire Dance00:04:05
18:14:58EnyaShepherd Moons00:02:54
18:17:56EnyaCaribbean Blue00:03:53
18:21:53EnyaOrinoco Flow00:04:15
18:26:12Loreena McKennittTango to Evora00:03:55
18:30:21Lowell FulsonBlue Shadows00:02:46
18:33:10Marcy PlaygroundThe Shadow of Seattle00:02:46
18:36:00DonovanEpistle to Dippy00:03:06
18:39:10Cat StevensWhere Do the Children Play?00:03:45
18:42:58The BeatlesTwo Of Us00:03:29
18:46:31Cat StevensLonger Boats00:03:05
18:49:40The Traveling WilburysTweeter and the Monkey Man00:05:17
18:55:00Burl IvesMary Ann Regrets00:03:37
18:58:41Cat StevensBut I Might Die Tonight00:01:46
19:00:31GaryID2-5 glb00:00:05
19:00:39GLBWe Sell Stuff 4c00:00:23
19:01:05John ColtraneCousin Mary00:05:44
19:06:5308 TeaHouse Moon [Instrumental]00:02:34
19:09:31Rex Stewart; Sidney BechetCherry00:04:18
19:13:54Louis ArmstrongBack O' Town Blues00:03:45
19:17:42Champion Jack DupreeI'm a Doctor for Women00:03:15
19:21:02The Paul Butterfield Blues BandMary, Mary00:02:45
19:23:50Mary Lou Williams(Keep It) In the Groove00:02:57
19:26:51Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleMary Had a Little Lamb00:02:44
19:29:39the beatlesMean Mr Mustard00:01:06
19:30:48GaryID4-12 glb00:00:11
19:31:03Lucie BlZpvs Mi Requiem [Only One Women]00:03:03
19:34:10ZZ TopPlanet of Women00:03:59
19:38:12Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandYou'll Accomp'ny Me00:03:50
19:42:06Will MillarCarrickfergus/Mary of Dungloe [Medley]00:05:36
19:47:46The Rolling StonesHonky Tonk Women00:02:57
19:50:46Will MillarWomen of Ireland- Rosheen Dubh-The Women of Ireland-Star of the County00:07:55
19:58:45Vra BlMe la Na Kamav (Pas d'Elle)00:01:45
20:00:57les schwab16 vb00:00:05
20:01:06Nina SimoneFour Women00:04:21
20:05:3108 Goldberg Variations for keyboard, BWV 988Goldberg Variations for keyboard, BWV 988: Variation 700:02:01
20:07:35Lou ReedSweet Jane00:04:29
20:12:08Leonard CohenFamous Blue Raincoat00:05:03
20:17:1406 OvertureOverture: Italian Girl in Algiers00:03:10
20:20:28EaglesThe Girl from Yesterday00:03:18
20:23:49Barenaked LadiesOne Week00:02:45
20:26:39Bob DylanGirl from the North Country00:03:33
20:30:16vbID2-5 vb00:00:05
20:30:24Cyndi LauperGirls Just Wanna Have Fun00:03:35
20:34:03Elton JohnDirty Little Girl00:04:51
20:38:57Eric ClaptonI Want a Little Girl00:04:33
20:43:34ForeignerWaiting for a Girl Like You00:04:31
20:48:08Freak Mountain RamblersDance Hall Girls00:03:56
20:52:08Taj MahalDown Home Girl00:03:25
20:55:37The Black KeysPsychotic Girl00:04:06
20:59:47Pat LeeDomestic Violence 100:00:22
21:00:13GaryID4-12 glb00:00:11
21:00:27Mark Warner 1-15n glbMark Warner 1-15n glb00:00:14